About the Early Years Programme

Scottish Book Trust was given responsibility for Early Years book gifting in Scotland by the Scottish Government in April 2009.

Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years Programme is an effective early intervention programme, underpinned by strong research and solid outcomes which firmly links into Scottish educational and parenting policies. 

The early years programme is based on the premise of encouraging parents to share books with their children from as early an age as possible, and is delivered in partnership with all Local Authority Library and Education Services, as well as NHS boards across Scotland. 

The public face of the programme is Bookbug, a friendly little creature, who has captured the hearts of parents and children in Scotland, inspiring them to share books and visit their library together.

Bookbug Toddler Pack Little Girl at Bookbug Session

Stripy Horse illustration

Bookbug Bags

Bookbug distributes free Bags of books to every infant, toddler, 3- and 5-year-old in Scotland. Learn more about the Bags and how to make sure children doesn't miss out.

Bookbug Sessions

Fun song and rhyme sessions for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and their families available throughout Scotland. Find out more and locate your nearest session.


Bookbug's Library Challenge

Bookbug's Library Challenge is a free programme that encourages children aged birth to four to discover and enjoy their local library. Learn more about the books and how you can get involved.


Little Girls with Bookbug at Bookbug Week

Child reading with bookbug during Bookbug Week

Guidance & Support

For early years professionals - find guidance and support for your local Bookbug programme in this section.


To read more about the benefits and outcomes of the programme, visit our Research section.


SBT's Early Years training programme offers a range of paid-for training packages for early years, library and health practitioners. Visit our Training section for further information.