How We Make a Difference

We have enriched the health, wellbeing and life chances of millions of people in Scotland through our reading and writing programmes.

Martin MacInnes
Walk the Walk cover
P1 students and teacher reading a book

‘Winning a New Writers Award was the single biggest change of my life, and all the good things that have happened since are as a result of this.’

Martin MacInnes,
2014 New Writers Award Winner

Martin’s debut novel Infinite Ground will be published by Atlantic Books in August 2016.

‘At the start I didnae think so [that a graphic novel would be effective] – I mean, usually a book, you know, you willnae find many young folk reading books, it’s all on Facebook and that... However, reading this people can’t just say “oh, he’s just doing that because he’s a Celtic fan” or whatever. They are forced to think “this is someone’s sister” instead.’

Adult Learner, Participant in our Walk the Walk project. Walk the Walk is a graphic novel aimed at tackling sectarianism

The children are ‘happier, livelier and more excited than ever about reading’ after taking part in the Shared Reading Programme.

Primary 1 Teacher, Craigroyston Primary School, Edinburgh
Participant in our Shared Reading Programme

The reluctant readers at Craigroyston are now avid users of the library and the school has adopted the model for future classes, extending it well beyond the funded year.  

We are working towards a Scotland where everyone, no matter what their background, has the same opportunities to thrive through reading and writing.

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