Natalie Haynes, Nick Barley and Gail Porter interviews

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00:00-01:27 Introduction
01:27-12:57 Nick Barley
12:57-23:35 Natalie Haynes
23:35-27:22 Karrie Fransman and Amruta Patil
27:22-30:48 Gail Porter

Creativity and storytelling weave their way through this edition of Book Talk as host Ryan Van Winkle talks to Nick Barley, Natalie Haynes, Karrie Fransman, Amruta Patil and Gail Porter.

The Amber FuryNick Barley, Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival takes us on a walk through his picks of the programme. While the big names may be getting the press coverage, Nick digs out some of the programme's hidden gems, including Conversations with Ourselves, a strand of the programme that looks at the role of our inner voices in the creative process.

Comedian and writer Natalie Haynes discusses the inspiration for her debut novel The Amber Fury, and the crossover between her life on stage and her career as a writer. "I'm sure that some of the storytelling that I learned to do on stage has spilled over into this book. Withholding information until the last possible minute - that's a standup technique for sure."

Graphic novelists Karrie Fransman and Amruta Patil talk about the artists and writers that influence their work, and give their advice on embracing rejection and why the things you may consider to be disadvantages are actually the things that will propel your work forward and help you develop an innovative voice.

Finally, Gail Porter joins us to talk about the five books that have shaped her life.

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