The Ocean at the End of the Lane

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This month, host Sasha de Buyl is joined by Graphic Scotland's Ariadne Cass-Maran and Scottish Book Trust's own Michael Merillo to discuss Neil Gaiman's latest novel for adults, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. But is this book, about a man who looks back on his childhood haunts and adventures and his friendship with a very unusual girl, really meant for adults, or is it a children's book masquerading as something for the older crowd? The question is a surprisingly complex one, as the novel deals with many dark themes in a fairly delicate manner, while touching on the magic and whimsy of childhood and employing a structure -- two children meet and have fantastical adventures -- that frequently appears in children's fiction.

The novel's audience isn't the only matter up for debate. Other discussions that arise include:

  • Is the narrator too unreliable or too much of an empty vessel to be interesting on his own, or does his emptiness signify something important (and devastating) about him?
  • Did the grim relationship between the narrator and his father hit home and bring up any (less traumatic!) memories from your own childhood?
  • Is the book worthy of the praise that's been heaped upon it since its publication?

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Book Talk Extra: Listen to Neil Gaiman discuss the novel, his favourite stop on the Underground and more in our exclusive interview.

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