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Autumn Leaves on Vintage book

November: A Month in Books

Need a new book to get you through the November darkness? Have a look at our list of some of this month's best new book releases.

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Bookshelf Next to Television

5 Great TV Shows Based on Books

Ever wondered which TV shows have been inspired by books? We take a look at some great examples from page to screen.

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Woman Holding Gun

7 Great True Crime Books

The perfect way to satisfy your crime fix, especially if you've just binge-watched every episode of Making a Murderer.

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Library Shelves

How to Start Reading for Pleasure Again After Studying

Feel like studying in libraries has killed your reading for pleasure appetite? Read our tips on how to start really enjoying your reading again.

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Ghost in the shell poster

March: a Month in Books

It's an exciting month in the world of books! Read on to discover some of the big new book and film releases and festivals happening across Scotland.

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Illustration from Harry Potter

February: A Month in Books

February promises all your heart could desire! From winter word festivals to Harry Potter and Christian Grey, we've got it covered.

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Person standing at the top of a mountain

Books That Take You Places: The Benefits of Armchair Travel

Wish you were heading off somewhere this summer? Look no further than your armchair and explore the world through books.

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Between the Covers: From the Editor to the Shelf

Between the Covers: From the Editor to the Shelf

There's a lot of work required to get a book from manuscript to publication. We take a peek behind the scenes at the editing, production and marketing of books!

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27 Scottish novels to look forward to in 2016

29 Scottish Novels to Look Forward to in 2016

2016 looks to be a memorable year for Scottish literature with a raft of new titles from debut and established authors lighting up the months ahead.

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5 Ways Reading Can Improve Your Life

How books can make you smarter, calmer, more successful and more interesting

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