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A secondary pupil from Kincorth Academy reading a book aloud to a P1 pupil

How Shared Reading Can Improve Behaviour and Confidence

Sharing books and talking about them can have a marked impact on behaviour and confidence in reading. The potential to lead to increased attainment is clear! We have a lots of resources and case studies to help you run a shared reading project for the 2017 Bookbug Picture Book Prize. In this blog post, our Schools Resource Developer Chris Leslie tells you more about what shared reading is, how to go about it and what the impact can be.

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An excited primary pupil at an event

Our Top 5 Primary Resources for the New Term

Our teaching resource packs, case studies and videos are all free, and there's a vast range available to help you plan for the new term. In this blog post we take a look at some of our latest resources, as well as the most popular ones from years gone by.

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Pupils from the cast of the SKINT! dramatic adaptation

Looking at money across the curriculum

How one school used Skint! to teach students about budgeting, drama, and even how coins are created

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The three pupils from Lochend High School working on their scripts

My Button's Popped: young playwrights at Lochend

Skye Loneragan on how she worked with Lochend pupils to create hard-hitting drama.

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Bookbug Pirate logo

Arrr! Bringing books to life

What happened when Tracy Lowe visited a nursery dressed up as a pirate?

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Pink! finale

Pink! The Musical: The Music

How Pink's memorable tunes came to be

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Pink! The Musical: Creating Costumes

Lynne Rickards on the challenge of properly outfitting Pink!

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Pink! The Musical: Getting Started

Author Lynne Rickards finds out what it takes to turn a book into a musical

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Peter Bently at St. Madoes Primary School

St. Madoes Primary School: Preparing for an author

How one school prepared for the Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour with Peter Bently.

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