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Record player with Wuthering Heights record

Top 10 Songs Inspired by Books

Drumroll please... The top 10 songs inspired by books or poems, as voted by you, are...

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Poet Michael Pedersen

The Songs of my Writing Life: Michael Pedersen

We invited Scottish poet and Neu! Reekie! co-chief Michael Pedersen to create a playlist of the songs that have most influenced his writing.

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Catriona Child, author

The Songs of my Writing Life: Catriona Child

Trackman and Swim Until you Can't See Land author Catriona Child shares her playlist of the songs that inspired her as a writer.

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Chance the Rapper was inspired by Peter Pan

40 of the Best Songs Inspired by Books

Find out the stories behind the 40 songs inspired by books that make up our Book Week Scotland 2017 shortlist.

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Microphone on a stage

Send Us Your Favourite Songs Inspired by Poems or Stories

Do you know of a great song that was inspired by a story or poem? We're looking for nominations for this year's Book Week Scotland vote!

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Ringato music session in Hungary

Ringató: How Music is Bringing Families Together in Hungary

Tracy Cooper recently took a study trip to Hungary to learn about Early Years music education. Here's what she discovered.

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Child playing with pots and pans

Sticks, Stones, and Storm Troopers: Making Music More Creative at Home

Heather Armstrong, Creative Skills Programme Manager for Starcatchers, explores some practical ways to get more creative with music at home

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Dad and children on Toddler CD cover

Mick Cooke's Top 10 Songs for Children

Composer Mick Cooke shares some of the songs which his own children love to listen to

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Mariah Carey's picture book 'All I Want for Christmas'

12 Books That Fit Perfectly with Famous Christmas Songs

We've scanned our bookshelves to find a dozen books that perfectly accompany 12 famous Christmas songs.

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Mother singing to child on the grass

Sing A Song of Sixpence: The Importance of Singing to your Child

Bookbug is always encouraging parents and carers to sing to their children - here's some new research to support the benefits to little ones.

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