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DP Colgan

Writing Crime Fiction, Voice First

Previous New Writers' Awardee DP Colgan shares his tips on creating a compelling voice when writing crime fiction.

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Crumpled paper and notebook

Helpful Links for Applying for a New Writers Award

Ever thought of applying for an NWA and wanted to know some key tips and info on what happens to your application? Read on!

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Writing an Engaging Short Story

Previous NWA awardee Basil Davies tells us his top tips for writing a short story and making the story line zing!

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Lindsay Macgregor

Refining a Line

New Writers Awardee Lindsay Macgregor walks us through different aspects of lineation in poetry and how the length of a line can change a poem.

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Claire Askew

How to get your poetry published

Previous New Writer Awardee and Reading Champion Claire Askew tells us her key tips for travelling the road to poetry publication.

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How I Write: The Calmness of Place

One of our Gaelic New Writer Awardees steps away from her stunning view to tell us about how she needs total silence and unique inspiration to write her Gaelic stories for children.

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Michael Richardson

How I Write: The Trick is to Keep Writing

Current New Writer Awardee, Michael Richardson, tells us the three main ways he keeps the writing flowing when crafting new work.

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Truestory cover

Five Things I've Learned While Getting My Debut Novel Published

Previous New Writer Awardee Catherine Simpson talks about the surprising things she's learned about the writer's life

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Squire's mind map doodle

How I Write: the Pull of the Sentence

New Writers Awardee Claire Squires tells us how she balances the similarities and differences between writing scholarly articles and creative fiction.

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Catherine Simpson

The New Writers Awards: What It Meant to Me

Former New Writer Awardee Catherine Simpson talks about the support she received as part of her Award and how it led to the publication of her debut novel

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