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Malachy Tallack

Author Confessions: Malachy Tallack

Malachy Tallack, author of the recently published 60 Degrees North, takes time out of his jam-packed schedule to tell us if writing is a pleasure or a pain and whether or not he's been propositioned by a fan...

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How I Write: Building Interesting Scenes

How I Write: Building Interesting Scenes

Previous New Writer Awardee Helen Godfrey talks about how to build an interesting scene. She talks about using the 5 points of protagonist, antagonist, conflict, setting and twist to create something that develops a story and draws in a reader.

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A pen on a notebook

Where I Write: Finding Time to Write Wherever You Are

New Writing Awardee Rachelle Atalla talks about where she writes and what sort of environment works best for her. She learned that writing can be done anywhere, and that sometimes distractions are welcome characters in disguise.

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Ann MacKinnon.

How I Write: How I Get Ideas for Writing

2014 New Writer Awardee Ann MacKinnon on how she gets inspiration for her poetry, experimenting with form and writing in Scots

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The view at the Cove Park writing retreat

Where I Write: Anywhere I Can

New Writers Awardee Aiko Greig shares her writing habits

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How I Write: Fiction Meets Journalism

New Writers Awardee Olga Wojtas talks about her life as a journalist

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Writing by the water- Credit: Michael Squires

Where I Write: The Where and When of Writing

New Writers Awardee Claire Squires on the where and when of writing

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Kirsty Logan

Five Things: Creating an Atmosphere in your Writing

Kirsty Logan's top tips for creating an atmosphere

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Lucy Ribchester photo by Kuba Kolinski

Five Things: Researching Your Novel

The Hourglass Factory author Lucy Ribchester shares her 5 top tips on researching your novel.

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Photo credit: Rob McDougall

Where I Write: In Ullapool

New Writers Awardee Stephen Keeler shares the story of his writing sanctuary in Ullapool.

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