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open notebook and pen

Applying for the New Writers Award: Three awardees share their stories

Like the idea of applying for a New Writers Award but need a little encouragement? See what three previous awardees have to say.

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New Writers Awardees

Scottish Book Trust Announces Recipients of New Writers Awards 2019

Scottish Book Trust today announces the 10 recipients of the New Writers Award.

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Notebook and Pens

Why Apply for a New Writers Award? 3 Awardees Give Us the Lowdown

Thinking of applying for a New Writers Award and not sure it's for you? Three previous awardees share their experiences and insights to help you decide.

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Novels, Novellas and Short Stories: Length and Other Measurements

Does length matter? New Writer Awardee Katherine Sowerby looks at the long and the short of writing and whether it matters if you're writing a novel, a collection of stories or a series of novellas.

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Natalie Fergie The Sewing Machine

How Applying for a NWA Helped Me Get Published (Even Though I Didn't Win One)

Sometimes, you don't need to win an award to feel its benefits. Natalie Fergie applied for a NWA last year and the process helped her move towards publication.

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Old ruins

Inbreath, Outbreath: Thoughts from a Writing Retreat

New Writer Awardee and Robert Louis Stevenson Fellow Lucy Ribchester reflects on the freedom she felt during her stay in Grez-sur-Loing - both in running and in writing.

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Helen Sedgwick holding a copy of The Comet Seekers

Five Things: Writing and Science Have in Common

Writing and science may seem as though they're worlds apart but debut novelist Helen shows us five things they have in common.

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Graeme Macrae Burnet

Author Confessions: Graeme Macrae Burnet

What's the Booker Prize-longlisted author's strangest writing superstition? Discover the answer to that--and much more!--in our Author Confessions

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Iain Bain

On Trying to Write 'Funny'

New Writer Awardee, Iain Bain, talks us through the process of writing 'funny'.

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Robert McGinty

Writing Around the Nine to Five

New Writers Awardee Robert McGinty gives some advice on finding time to write when you already work a full-time job.

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