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33 Scottish Novels to Look Forward to in 2019

33 Scottish Novels to Look Forward to in 2019

We preview some of the most exciting new Scottish novels hitting book shops and libraries in 2019.

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Rediscovering Little Robin

Jan Fearnley shares how she illustrated the new 20th anniversary edition of Little Robin Red Vest.

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Family reading together

Off script: How telling the story in your own words can add value

Early Years expert, Tracy Cooper, explores the reasons why reading books word for word or telling the story in your own words both have positive effects on a child's development.

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Maria Edgeworth

Rebellious Writers: Maria Edgeworth

A daughter of privilege strikes out against the injustices of her own class in novels that would be considered shocking even today

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10 Brilliant Books by Dundonian Writers

Guest author Robin Crawford takes us through 10 great books by Dundonian writers.

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Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley

Rebellious Writers: The Two Mary's

Discover the rebellious stories of 'Frankenstein' author Mary Shelley and her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft.

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Six Unconventional Sets of Sisters From Books

To celebrate World Sister Day, we've compiled six sets of unconventional sisters from books.

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James Baldwin

Rebellious Writers: James Baldwin

We take a look at the life and work of James Baldwin, a writer who laid bare racial inequality in 20th century America.

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Scottish Novel World Cup 2018

A Guide to the Scottish Novel World Cup 2018

To make up for Scotland's absence from another World Cup, we are running our very own Scottish Novel World Cup on Twitter. Which author will you support?

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Selection of Scottish book covers

#ScottishNovelWorldCup: The World Cup in Scottish Novels

In anticipation of our Scottish Novel World Cup, guest author Tony Garner takes a look at which books actually feature the famous tournament within their pages.

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