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10 Fascinating Books for Teachers and Librarians About Reading

The market is saturated with books telling you how to teach - but in this blog post, literacy consultant Bill Boyd gives you something a bit different! Rooted in the belief that all teachers can reap rewards from a love of reading, Bill suggests ten books to help you think more deeply about the world of story and humans' interaction with it.

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Our Top Five Secondary Resources for the New Term

Our website is packed full of resources to inspire you this term! Check out some of our most popular reading and writing resources in this blog post, including some great stuff for reluctant and less confident pupils.

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Our Top 5 Primary Resources for the New Term

Our teaching resource packs, case studies and videos are all free, and there's a vast range available to help you plan for the new term. In this blog post we take a look at some of our latest resources, as well as the most popular ones from years gone by.

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The BFG and Sophie

Bookish Activities for the Summer Holidays

Keep your little ones entertained this summer with these wonderful book-related activities

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A secondary pupil reading a book aloud to P1 pupils

Inspiring Confidence in Reading at Kirkcaldy High School

Looking for a way to inspire your reluctant and less confident readers? Teacher Kirsten Hume from Kirkcaldy High School decided that the best approach was to connect reading to a practical purpose, and challenged her S2s to visit primary schools and read aloud to Primary 1s. Find out more about how the project benefited everyone.

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Children from Todholm Nursery browsing books on shelves

Jump Into Reading - A Fantastic Early Years Reading Project

Aiming to get more pupils reading at home, a group of nurseries in Renfrewshire teamed up to devise a fantastic 5 week reading challenge! In this blog post you can find out more about how the challenge worked, including how the nurseries capitalised on the children's new-found enthusiasm for books, and how they partnered with the local mobile library service.

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Kincorth Academy pupils

Kincorth Academy and Abbotswell Nursery: A Shared Reading Project

As part of Shared Reading, pupils from Kincorth Academy and Abbotswell Nursery in Aberdeen paired up to share stories and picture books. Alan Clark, Library Resource Centre Coordinator at Kincorth Academy, describes how the Shared Reading project really took off, leading to a very special World Book Day performance.

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Image from the Manga Shakespeare version of Hamlet

Do Graphic Novels Make Shakespeare 'Easier'?

Many of us would assume that comic book adaptations can make difficult texts, such as Shakespeare, accessible and engaging for pupils. But with so many adaptations available, how would you go about choosing the one best suited to your teaching context? This blog looks at two examples in detail and raises important questions about each. It also challenges the idea that comic books necessarily make things easier for pupils.

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Active Reading: 5 Tips to Get Students Learning While Reading

Shona Cochrane is the author of Learn to Learn for CFE, a fantastic new guide to help pupils retain and utilise the information that they study. In this blog post, Shona gives us a taste of the book by describing five ways teachers can help pupils read more actively and remember what they read.

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Our Top Five Picture Book Resources

Scottish Book Trust have a well-stocked library of teaching resource packs that are crammed with creative activities to help your pupils explore different books. In this blog post, we take a look at some of our most popular picture book resources to get you started.

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