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Mint Choc Chip at the Market Cafe Book Cover

Children's Book of the Month: Mint Choc Chip at the Market Cafe

Check out this month's book recommendation for children: a touching story about change and ice cream by Jonathan Meres. We have 5 copies to give away!

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Scene from Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Perfect Festive Books for Everyone

Looking for a picture book to celebrate baby's first Christmas? Or a book for a family who don't celebrate Christmas? Early Years are here with their favourite festive reads for everyone!

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Friendly Pumpkin - Anders Lageras Wikimedia Commons

Haunting Halloween Book Suggestions!

Get into the spirit of Halloween with some spooky book recommendations for younger readers

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Mum and baby reading

Bookbug Detective: how early can I introduce a bedtime story?

Another crucial question demystified by our expert

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Image of child reading by Tim Pierce on Wikimedia Commons

Would you censor a child's reading?

How happy are you to give children unrestricted access to books?

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