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Promoting Scots Language at Fife College

Find out how a series of Scots-focused events at Fife College proved eye-opening for students and their teacher!

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Author Matthew Fitt appearing in an Authors Live event

Our top five Scots learning resources for Burns Night

The impact of reading and writing in Scots at all stages of the curriculum is becoming more widely documented. In this blog post, find out about the best of our Scots resources ahead of Burns Night, including a fantastic resource examining both Burns and Liz Lochhead.

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Pupils in a classroom enjoying an author visit

Our Top 10 Teachers and Librarians Blogs of 2016

We hope our Teachers and Librarians blog is always practical and useful, giving you tips and advice to make your life that bit easier. Here, we've gathered the best-loved and most useful posts from the last year. From technology for struggling readers to library displays and fantastic school projects, there should be something in here to inspire you!

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Image from the stage adaptation of Kidnapped, with Alan Breck grabbing David Balfour and putting a hand over his mouth

Get involved with Robert Louis Stevenson Day 2016

Edinburgh City of Literature are excited to present their schools programme for this year's Robert Louis Stevenson Day, including a special performance of Kidnapped, a storytelling workshop and a creative writing competition! In this blog post, City of Literature's Sian Bevan tells you more about how to get involved.

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Scots training available from Education Scotland

The use of Scots in the classroom is transforming the learning experience of many pupils and offering considerable benefits for attainment. In this post, Simon Hall explains more about the training on offer from Education Scotland to help you become more confident in your practice in Scots.

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Image of two girls talking in a classroom

5 Wyes tae Yaise Scots in Secondary Inglis Clesses, an Ootbye

For spikkers o Scots, Diane Anderson of Education Scotland has translatit her blog post intae Scots tae gie ye the best o both worlds! Find oot how ye can yaise Scots tae gie yer learners a leg up in a wide range o curricular areas.

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Image of two girls talking in a classroom

5 Ways to Use Scots in Secondary School, and Beyond

Education Scotland's Diane Anderson gives some invaluable tips and resources to help you embed Scots into the secondary curriculum.

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Image of a statue of Sir Walter Scott

Why we should study Sir Walter Scott in schools

Sir Walter Scott is a literary giant of our fair land, so why does his work scarcely make an appearance in the curriculum? Education Scotland's Diane Anderson explores how we can get around the difficulties posed by Scott's work and make his texts accessible for study.

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6 Resources for Teaching Different Scots Dialects

Education Scotland's Bruce Eunson offers some great resources for teaching the different varieties of Scots which appear across the country, with a keen focus on Shetlandic, Doric and Orcadian dialects in particular.

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5 Mair Wyes Tae Yaise Scots in Schuils

Ye've goat tae practise whit ye preach if ye want bairns to use mair Scots in the classroom. So, here's Diane Anderson's blog in Scots tae!

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