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Image of a statue of Sir Walter Scott

Why we should study Sir Walter Scott in schools

Sir Walter Scott is a literary giant of our fair land, so why does his work scarcely make an appearance in the curriculum? Education Scotland's Diane Anderson explores how we can get around the difficulties posed by Scott's work and make his texts accessible for study.

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6 Resources for Teaching Different Scots Dialects

Education Scotland's Bruce Eunson offers some great resources for teaching the different varieties of Scots which appear across the country, with a keen focus on Shetlandic, Doric and Orcadian dialects in particular.

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Image of coloured pencils in pot by alegri/

5 Mair Wyes Tae Yaise Scots in Schuils

Ye've goat tae practise whit ye preach if ye want bairns to use mair Scots in the classroom. So, here's Diane Anderson's blog in Scots tae!

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Image of coloured pencils in pot by alegri/

5 More Ways to Use Scots in Schools

Looking for more ideas to introduce and develop Scots in your classroom or library? Education Scotland's Diane Anderson is on hand with five more great suggestions, including some excellent resources from the Scots Blether on GLOW.

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Scots Post Its

5 Scots Activities for Beginners

Teacher Katrina Lucas gives some great suggestions for introducing Scots to the classroom.

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Scots language dictionary

Inspire your Learners with the New Scots Language Award

The new SQA Award can help you inspire your students.

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Display of Scots adjectives describing a bacon roll, including honkin' and mingin'!

5 Scots Writing Activities

There are many ways to introduce Scots writing activities in your school. Find some out in today's blog!

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A wall display of Scots work from a classroom

5 reasons to teach Scots in schools

Diane Anderson explains why teaching Scots is both a pleasure and a fantastic way to build pupils' confidence

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Image of William Dunbar's poem To a Lady

Bring Medieval Scotland to life with your pupils

Teacher Simon Hall looks beyond Burns for some great Scots poetry

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Scots language wall display

Getting started with Scots

Learning about Scots can put your pupils in the driving seat, explains teacher Simon Hall

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