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Author writing on a laptop in front of a fire

Where I Write: Sarah Urwin Jones

New Writers Awardee Sarah Urwin Jones reveals how, where and when she manages to carve out some writing time for herself.

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Michael Morpurgo

Michael Morpurgo: Finding the Right Place to Write

Michael Morpurgo, best-selling author of over 130 books for children, including the well-loved War Horse, tells us how he found the perfect place to write.

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Jackie Morris' view

Where I Write: In Quiet, by the Sea

Well-loved children's writer and illustrator, Jackie Morris, tells us about where she writes and how she gets her inspiration for creating characters and telling stories.

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Where Nicholas Hogg Writes

Where I Write: Writing in longhand makes writing mobile

Author Nicholas Hogg tells us about writing longhand wherever he is as the best way to write the first draft of a novel. He talks about writing on the London underground, in cafes in New York and Tokyo, and how he likes typing up his manuscripts while sitting on a boat in the Thames.

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A pen on a notebook

Where I Write: Finding Time to Write Wherever You Are

New Writing Awardee Rachelle Atalla talks about where she writes and what sort of environment works best for her. She learned that writing can be done anywhere, and that sometimes distractions are welcome characters in disguise.

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The view at the Cove Park writing retreat

Where I Write: Anywhere I Can

New Writers Awardee Aiko Greig shares her writing habits

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Writing by the water- Credit: Michael Squires

Where I Write: The Where and When of Writing

New Writers Awardee Claire Squires on the where and when of writing

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Photo credit: Rob McDougall

Where I Write: In Ullapool

New Writers Awardee Stephen Keeler shares the story of his writing sanctuary in Ullapool.

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Martin MacInnes - photo by Solen Collet Photography

Where I Write: A State of Mind

New Writers Awardee Martin MacInnes talks about his mental spaces for writing.

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A collage of postcards, posters and prints

Where I Write: A Kitchen Without A View

Surrounded by the noise of her neighbours, Juliette Forrest feels time melting away as she writes in her kitchen.

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