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The Art of Graceful Self-Promotion

Self-promotion doesn't come naturally to many writers, but that doesn't mean it's something to be scared of.

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Flash Fiction: 50 Word Story Writing Tips

Author Robert Currie gives his top tips for writing a 50 word story

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Five Things Literary Agents do for Writers

How could landing a literary agent affect your future career? Louise Buckley, an associate agent at Zeno Agency, fills us in on the kind of support you can expect a literary agent to offer.

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It’s Not all Novels and Sonnets: Alternative Ways to Write

Writing for a living doesn't necessarily mean penning a bestseller. In fact, there are loads of careers that make the most of your love for language.

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Finding the Plot: 4 Plot-Focused Writing Books

Struggling with plot? Take a step back and get to grips with your story with advice from a few handy books on writing.

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5 Ways to Battle Writer's Block

If you're having a hard time with a dreaded case of the block, sit back and give our top tips for writers a try.

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5 Questions to Ask When Redrafting Your Novel

Stuck at the redrafting stage? Writer and literary consultant Amanda Block shares five handy questions that could kickstart the next phase of your novel.

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No Writer's a Geek

Write loud and write proud, says prize-winning young poet Andrew Pettigrew. If you feel like writing is your guilty secret, add this blog to your reading list.

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5 Tips for Approaching an Agent

Whether you're almost ready to hit "send" on your submission to an agent or you're still at the planning stages, be sure to check out these top tips from agent Laura Macdougall first.

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5 Tips for Running a Successful Comic Kickstarter

Following the runaway success of latest venture Killtopia, Dave Cook of Card Shark Comics shares his tips for funding comics on Kickstarter.

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