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Applying for the New Writers Award: Three awardees share their stories

Like the idea of applying for a New Writers Award but need a little encouragement? See what three previous awardees have to say.

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Desk of Moira Forsyth at Sandstone Press

How not to get published

Author and editorial director at Sandstone Press, Moira Forsyth, shares some tips for submitting to publishers.

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Author portrait of Polly Clark

Five tips for researching fiction from author Polly Clark

Author Polly Clark shares what she's discovered about researching a novel

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Tha Gàidhlig gam chuideachadh an t-saoghal fhaicinn bho sealladh cait (Gaelic helps me see the world from a cat’s viewpoint)

Writer June Graham shares her experiences of creating in Gaelic and how those are different to the way she writes in English.

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Greg Thomson

Get started writing in Gaelic

Previous New Writing Awardee Greg Thomson tells us his top tips for getting started writing in Gaelic.

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Ali Bacon with Calotypes

Whose Story is it Anyway? How to Handle Multiple Narrators

Juggling multiple narrators can be tricky but it can be rewarding too. Author Ali Bacon tells us why her new book has 10 different voices.

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The Art of Graceful Self-Promotion

Self-promotion doesn't come naturally to many writers, but that doesn't mean it's something to be scared of.

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Louise Buckley Portrait

Five Things Literary Agents do for Writers

How could landing a literary agent affect your future career? Louise Buckley, an associate agent at Zeno Agency, fills us in on the kind of support you can expect a literary agent to offer.

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It’s Not all Novels and Sonnets: Alternative Ways to Write

Writing for a living doesn't necessarily mean penning a bestseller. In fact, there are loads of careers that make the most of your love for language.

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Finding the Plot: 4 Plot-Focused Writing Books

Struggling with plot? Take a step back and get to grips with your story with advice from a few handy books on writing.

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