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How to Start Writing

Have you always wanted to write but aren't sure how to sit down and get started? We've got some advice, tips and words of encouragement to help you conquer your fear of the blank page even if you've never written creatively before.

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Doing Digital: Best Apps for Getting New Writing Started

The thought of starting a big new writing project can be enough to make you want to hide your head under the duvet. Fear not! We have some handy apps to help get your writing going.

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5 Ways to Recharge Your Creativity

All creatives experience fallow periods now and then - find out a few great ways to tackle a slumps with advice from writer Heather Richardson.

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How (Not) to be a Writer

There's no one way to become a successful writer. There are, however, a few easy-to-remember ways to set your career back by several stages. Find out what NOT to do when you're making a name for yourself on the literary scene.

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Novels, Novellas and Short Stories: Length and Other Measurements

Does length matter? New Writer Awardee Katherine Sowerby looks at the long and the short of writing and whether it matters if you're writing a novel, a collection of stories or a series of novellas.

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The Unpredictable Journey from Agent to Publication

Finding an agent doesn't automatically mean your book will soon be published, sometimes there are a few extra stops on the journey. Debut novelist Tracey Emerson offers her insight into the, often winding, road to publication.

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Writing YA Dialogue That Rings True

M. A. Bennett's first novel for young adults is out soon, so how did she create dialouge that rings true for teen readers? Discover her top tips within.

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5 Ways to Write Right Now

Poet and novelist Claire Askew offers up some excellent advice for getting yourself in the writing mood, wherever you are.

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Teri Terry and Contagion cover

5 Ways to Choose a Novel's Setting

Discover some top tips for choosing and evoking a sense of setting in your writing from award-winning YA author Teri Terry.

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Hit a Writing Dip? That Doesn’t Make You a Failure

One stalled project or confidence dip does not a failure make. We've got some advice to pull you back from the brink of writing despair and back into your comfort zone.

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