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Russell Jones Dark Matter

How Robots and Ray-guns Can Improve Your Poetry

Tempted to take your poetry into the realms of sci-fi but nervous about introducing robots, ray-guns and more? Edinburgh-based writer and editor Russell Jones explains how to do it - and why you might want to!

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cartoon of two heads swapping ideas

5 Tips for Writing a Rounded Disabled Character

Andrew Pettigrew, a sixteen-year-old, prize-winning writer and poet who lost his sight and hearing before the age of 11, shares his insight into writing plausible and relatable disabled characters.

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Gavin Inglis portrait

5 Routes into Writing for Games

If you'd love to get into writing games but have no idea where to start, get stuck into this excellent advice from game and fiction writer Gavin Inglis.

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Fountain pen writing

How to Write Your Author Bio

Take the stress out of writing or updating your author bio with five tips for getting it nailed.

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Hand writing on a notepad

3 Writing Techniques to Quash Procrastination

Is procrastination killing your writing time? See if one of these techniques could help you cut down on wasted time.

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Nasty Women book blurb

404 Ink: Publishing as an Act of Rebellion

Heather McDaid, co-founder of award-winning alternative, independent publisher of books and literary magazines, 404 Ink, talks about what it means to be a rebel in the world of publishing.

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red typewriter with coffee cup

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Writing

A little messiness can be conducive to creativity, but scehduling a spring cleaning session can have some big benefits for your writing.

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Hand writing in notebook

How to Start Writing Memoir

Have you always wanted to write memoir but aren't sure how to sit down and get started? We've got some advice, tips and words of encouragement to help you conquer your fear of the blank page even if you've never written creatively before.

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Notebook and Pens

How to Start Writing Short Stories

Keen to try your hand at writing a short story but feeling a little lost? Here's a few tips, tricks and suggestions to help you get started.

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Notebook decorated with a map

Writing with Gaelic: A Bilingual Blessing

Award winning writer Donald Murray writes in both Gaelic and English, finding joy in the ability to switch between and appreciate both.

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