Every day could be a library day

Category: Bookbug

Saturday, February 4th was a special day. It was National Libraries Day - a day to celebrate libraries and everything they offer to their communities. Through the twitter grapevine, I heard about all sorts of wonderful special events: reading flash mobs, city-library crawls, special Bookbug Sessions and author visits to libraries. The day was truly a celebration of libraries. Julia Donaldson also wrote a special poem to honour the day.


It’s great to have a celebration and a day to call awareness to the value that libraries add to their communities. But our support for libraries doesn’t have to end there. If we want libraries to remain a part of our local community then we need to use them on a regular basis and take advantage of all they have to offer: from borrowing books and using the internet to learning new skills and children’s book clubs - the resources your local library might have on offer could surprise you.


Visiting the local library with children on a regular basis is not only an important step in developing a love of books and reading, it’s also an important step in making sure that libraries will remain in communities. Children will grow into confident library users and can look forward to all the exciting things the library offers.


Find out when your local Bookbug Session is happening and join in the fun with stories, songs and rhymes. While you’re there, choose some new books to borrow. The library is a great place to find new favourites. And don’t just borrow children’s books, it’s important for children to see adults engaged with books and reading. So whether it’s a new novel, a cookbook, a biography or any other of the many books the library has on offer, you’re sure to find something interesting.


Bookbug’s Library Challenge runs in many of Scotland’s libraries. Register your child for their library card and ask for your Bookbug’s Library Challenge collector’s card. Start collecting stamps and soon your child will earn a lovely certificate. There are 6 certificates to collect in all.


Local libraries are the hub of community life. Visit your local library to find out what programmes and events are happening. Make every day a library day!