If I only had a brain: mapping brain development in action

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Brain development is a hot topic in early years. We talk about brains, what they do and how they do it. For everything we say, think or do there is something in our brain that sent all the necessary signals to make that happen. Our brains control us depending on how they’ve developed. It’s become quite trendy to use phrases such as, ‘this will help your baby’s brain develop’. Of course it will. Everything we do is impacting the development of a brain.


The developing brain is a fascinating organ. As babies grow, the brain grows. Connections and pathways are being established by the minute. Of course brains only develop and learn as they need to. Our brain helps us learn to cope with whatever environment we have.


This brain map shows the brain in action. Using a model of a child’s head, you can see where the brain sits in the head and explore different parts of it as the child develops. There are different stages ranging from prenatal to 36 months. It is thoroughly interactive. When you select an age range different hot spots will appear allowing you to investigate development of movement, hearing, touch, crying and social emotional development. Each area highlighted offers tips on how this is developing and tips to encourage positive development.


The organisation Zero to Three is well respected and publishes lots of effective resources to aid in the understanding of early years development. I’ve always been a fan. But I have to say, the day I discovered the baby brain map I nearly leapt out of my seat with excitement. This resource blends theory with practice. I love a good interactive resource and this one certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Extra note to iPhone users:

Check out a free app called Brain Map. It’s published by the Alzheimer’s Society. This app allows you to take a picture of yourself. It then positions a brain in your head and you can tap on it to see what your adult brain is doing.