Nosy Crow's Cinderella leaves Tracy 'appily ever after!

Category: Bookbug

Nosy Crow set the bar high with the Three Little Pigs app. So high, that I was both ridiculously excited and a bit nervous about their next fairy tale app – would it live up to the first one? As Nosy Crow brings us the Cinderella app, here are my thoughts.

From the moment the moonlit garden title screen appeared, I was immediately entranced by the lovely illustrations and the soft effect of the title screen complete with magical fairy fluttering around.

The story is a 3D fairy tale, which means the reader can tilt the screen and look left, right, up and down. This changes the experience dramatically, giving the reader a chance to fully experience each scene. Some of the screens had quite a wide range and you could drag Cinderella from one side of a room to another. It was perfect. I felt like I was actually at her house. The reader is more than a reader, they’re transported into the story.

This app is equal parts children’s book and equal parts a fun game. There are many points where the reader can help create the story. You can tap the characters for extra dialogue. I helped Cinderella tidy the kitchen, the Prince stack the invitations to the ball and of course, you get to help the fairy godmother collect everything she needs to get Cinderella to the ball. A little red sparrow stays hidden and you can find him in every scene. There was plenty to interact with on each page. Of course, if you’re anxious to find out what happens next, you can always turn the page.

There are a few great surprises in the book too. The little bird was a joy to look for in each scene. I got a surprise though when I saw someone I wasn’t expecting to see in the living room mirror. Watch the mirror closely!

This is a fantastic app for children. Cinderella is the kind of app that puts the child in the picture book and lets children experience the story. It stays true to the story while making the best use out of technology. It’s not just an app the children will love, it’s an app the parents will love enjoying with the child. The more I pick up the app and play with it, the more I discover it can do. It was fun and so much more than someone reading me a story on screen. This is exactly what a picture book app for children should be.

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