Read it again!

Category: Bookbug

No matter how many book choices presented to them, some children constantly request the same book. Their favourite phrase is, ‘again’. Even if you’ve just finished a book, they’re desperate to hear it again. And chances are, it’s the same book they’ll be looking for tomorrow.

In the mind of the adult, we tend to encourage children to try something new. I’ve overheard so many parents saying things like "You’ve already had that one, choose another one".


Parents frequently ask if it's okay to read the same book again. Here’s my answer:

It’s great that your child wants to read the same book over again. Children learn through repetition and re-reading a book is very comforting for them. Children love the routine, the stability and knowing what’s going to happen next. If it’s a scary book, they love being scared but knowing how it will all work out in the end. The more we read a book with a child, the more they learn from it and take away from the book.


Mem Fox, children’s author and literacy expert, says that children should hear at least three stories a day. Aim for one favourite, chosen by the child, one classic and something new. Find a balance. The most important thing to remember is to keep the child interested by letting them help you choose. Introduce new books by telling the child what you love about it and by telling them what you think they might like about it. Look at the book together before you read it.

Reading the same book over and over again may seem a bit tedious for adults, but children love it. The more we read a book, the more we take away from it and the better we’re able to read it aloud. Children will join in and participate. And those are the books that will stick with us for life.