Reading Aloud with Confidence

Category: Bookbug

The way we read a book aloud will have an enormous impact on the listener. Our tone can convey meaning. Our voice can build excitement or create tension. It can calm and soothe. Our body language can help children learn the meaning of new words or interpret them differently in the context of the story. Not just what we read aloud, but how we choose to read it aloud, can affect our audience’s enjoyment of, and interest in, the book.

Everyone has his or her own style of reading aloud. It amazes me how many different ways there are to read the same text aloud. There is no right or wrong way to read a book. But there are ways of improving our read-aloud style.

How we read aloud is arguably as important as what we read aloud – maybe even more so. The way we read aloud can really transport the listener into the creative realm of the story. But with the vast array of picture books now available, sometimes it’s difficult to know how to read the book aloud. If we look at the design of the book carefully, we can begin to understand subtle clues that help us interpret the text to really make the story come to life.

Practice is the most important part of reading aloud. The more you read a book, the more familiar you are with its particular style, tone and elements that really make the book unique. 

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