Reading and Writing

Category: Bookbug

We talk about the importance of reading with young children and babies, but how often do we also talk about the importance of involving young children in writing experiences? Reading and writing develop alongside each other. It’s important not to separate the two important skills.

As we become an increasingly digital society, children are more likely to be exposed to digital forms of print.  They might see a parent send a text or write an email, but may not as often see the parent write a list or a note using a pen and paper. Children often see the finished product of print – not the process.  In terms of helping children to develop reading and writing skills, they need to see the process.  When children see the process, they’ll develop an understanding of the function.

As an adult models the process of writing, children will become increasingly motivated to experiment with their own writing. Quite often, children’s early drawings will contain letter shapes. This is an important and exciting indicator of children engaging with letters and print.

Summer is the perfect time to model writing. Let children help you write letters or postcards. Engage them with the actual writing of the postcard.  Try making lists of what you want to see and do this summer.  There are lots of ways to involve children in your every day writing.

Reading and writing develop together. Neither can exist without the other. Take the time to write with your toddler and read what you’ve written. Pick up your pens and paper and get writing!