Reading resolutions

Category: Bookbug

Here we are again, almost ready to hang a new calendar and start fresh. New Year is a time that inspires change. It’s a time of reflection and resolution. Are you looking for some New Year resolutions? Here are my reading inspired suggestions.

1. Spend more time reading, singing and rhyming

It’s never too early, or too late to start reading aloud to your baby or child. Work books into your family routine. You don’t have to take extra time out of your busy day. Read in the bath or on the bus. Make up stories together as you cook dinner. It’s easy to find a few extra minutes to read aloud.

2. Try something new

Visit your local library. Ask the librarian to help recommend some new books based on your old favourites. Find a new favourite that excites and inspires you and your child.

3. Make up your own words

Have fun making up silly songs, rhymes and stories. Personalise them – add in your child’s name, your family and your toys. Have fun being creative. Giving children a sense of fun and enjoyment of language will help increase their reading and writing abilities.


There are lots of fun things you can do to boost your family’s enjoyment of books. Above all, keep it fun and enjoyable. Choose your favourite songs, rhymes and books. Try them at different times of the day – stories aren’t just for bedtime. Read more, read often and read for fun.


Here’s to the New Year – may it be a year of reading resolutions!