The Torch is on its Way!

Olympic Torch
Category: Bookbug

This year Bookbug Week will take place between June 8th and June 15th.  We’re celebrating the Bookbug programme with a whole week of free, special events linked to Creative Scotland’s Summer of Song and the Olympic Torch Relay in Scotland.

Visit the Bookbug Week section of our website to find out what’s happening in your local authority. There are lots of great resources including some active songs and rhymes, book recommendations and a special Bookbug Week Song.

Being active is not only great for your physical and emotional health, but it also has a wealth of benefits for children’s literacy development and communication skills. Body language is an important part of communication. Moving and playing different active games will help to develop our body language which in the long run will impact the way we communicate.

Another key area developed through active movements is an awareness of the space around us. This is important because when learning to read, we need to interpret the space around letters, and also the physical shape of words and letters. If children have poor spatial awareness, they may experience difficulties in learning to read and write.

Action songs and rhymes are a great way to introduce young children to movement and active learning. The words of a song or rhyme become much more meaningful as we move and experience them. Moving to songs and rhymes helps us to define and catch the meaning of tricky concept words for children.

We’re very excited to be celebrating Bookbug Week with Creative Scotland’s Summer of Song and the Olympic Torch Relay.  Find out what events are happening in your local area and join in the fun!