Reading Recipe for a Winter Book Feast

Preparation Time: September 2012 – November 23rd 2012

‘Cooking time’: Reading Hour and other reading opportunities during Book Week Scotland November 26th – November 29th 2012. Allow Reading Group ingredients to marinate longer for better results.

Serves: 84 (Pre-5: 12 Primary: 44 Secondary: 28)

Side serving: Segments of The Reading Hour for Pre-5 through S6



A Reading Hour spread over 4 days to provide a daily 15 min Scottish book feast (There is an in-service day on Friday November 30th)

All pupils &  staff

Scottish non-fiction and fiction titles


Combine titles amongst pupils and staff for daily segments of the ‘Reading Hour’


Book Dips for P4-7 Secondary


24 P4-7 Pupils and 28 Secondary Pupils

5 copies of each of the three titles from the 8-11 yrs and 12-16 yrs Scottish Children’s Book Awards shortlists


Mix pupils into groups and serve with a ‘taster’ of a title’s cover/blurb/opening (Along the lines of ‘The Reading Game’), gather feedback, (e.g.graffitti wall), swap to dip into another title until all three titles have been consumed, then combine votes well and serve immediately (e.g. School newsletter).  Set aside pupils who wish to try the taster as a main course into Primary/Secondary Reading Groups.

Main Course

Picture Book Feast for Pre-5/P1-3 P4-7/Secondary  


5 copies of each title from the 3-7 yrs SBCA shortlist (Enough copies for the largest class (14 pupils) to enjoy one of the three titles simultaneously)

3 copies of three recently published Gaelic picture books for 3-7 yrs

P1-3 Gaelic-medium pupils (7) and P4-7/7-14 Secondary fluent Gaelic speakers

P1-4 (13)/Pre-5 (12) pupils and 12 pupils from P4-7/Secondary pupils

Ingredients could be found from the community (Readers!)



Blend together a title from the 3-7 yrs shortlist with an Upper Primary/Secondary reader and 1-2 P1-4/Pre-5 listeners. Swap until all three titles have been sampled.

Mix together a recently published Gaelic title with an Upper Primary/Secondary Gaelic reader and a P1-3 Gaelic listener swap until all three books have been sampled.

Season the resulting verbal/written comments and artwork with enthusiasm, collate votes, serve immediately (e.g. School newsletter).   

Dessert (Served during beyond Book Week Scotland)

‘Dessert’ Island Books for P4-7/Secondary: Desert Island Reading Group


Enthusiastic book tasters from P4-7 Secondary

5 copies of three recently published Scottish titles selected by book groups

5 copies of each of the three titles from all three Scottish Children’s Book Awards shortlists


Whet Desert Islander appetites for further winter reads with a menu of recently published Scottish book covers' blurbs (e.g. Further Recommendations by Scottish Children’s Book Awards judges) from which to select multiple copies for winter reading feasts

Serve multiple copies of 8-11 yrs/12-16 yrs shortlists and further Scottish titles (with a lighter side serving of 3-7 yrs titles) to Desert Islanders keen to devour Scottish fare during lunch breaks. Simmer beyond the announcement of the Scottish Children’s Book Awards winners on World Book Day March 7th 2013

Keep Reading Group ingredients fresh with a sprinkling of guests to add flavours from different reading tastes

Combine mixture with Reading Group ‘utensils’ (e.g. Digital Camera, art materials) and stir in goodies (edible treats)

Blend the two Reading Groups thoroughly at intervals to fuse ingredients together

Please note that items on the menu may be subject to change depending on the availability of ingredients

Katie England

Katie England is the librarian at Tiree High School, one of our Star Organisations providing ideas and inspiration for Book Week Scotland!