Readers in Residence: Workshops, Wildlife and World Book Night

It’s been a while since we last caught up with our intrepid Readers in Residence, and they have been very busy!

In Leith, Emily Dodd has been blogging up a storm. First up she has been helping to promote our Treasures writing workshop at Leith library, which was a huge success. Here is a picture of Ewan Morrison in action, helping our workshoppers to get writing about their treasured possessions. One of our attendees had this to say about the event:

'Although I have not done any creative writing for a very long time, Ewan has inspired me to start again. His approach was lively and insightful and has given me lots of food for thought.'

There are still workshops happening around the country, including Inverness (this weekend!), Fife, Aberdeen and the Isle of Skye, so sign up now and get writing! 

We also love Emily's blog about the positive power of social media! If Emily were a superhero, social media would be her superpower! After blogging about about local author Millie Gray and holding an event during Book Week Scotland in November of last year, Emily recently learned that Millie’s books have been borrowed 20,000 times in UK libraries this year! This is a huge rise compared to the 4,000 books borrowed the year before. Read more about Millie’s books and listen to an interview with her over at Emily's brilliant blog.

Up in Orkney, Alison Miller has been blogging about nature, to help mark the Orkney Nature Festival which took place during May. Alison talked about the different kinds of creatures she encounters day to day on Orkney, from hares, to skeldros to sparrowhawks and about not feeling bad about missing out on the bigger showier spectacles nature has to offer. It's a great blog to read if you want to get inspired to get out into the countryside and reconnect with nature, and you can read it in full here

Deborah Leslie has been incredibly busy in Aberdeenshire, bringing reading to the entire local authority! From compering the Grampian Children’s Book Awards to visiting reminiscence groups to giving away books for World Book Night, I wouldn’t be surprised if Deborah has managed to get every single person in Aberdeenshire reading! Read more about her exploits here.

Lastly, Magi Gibson has been uncovering items from the Glasgow Women’s Library Archive and you wouldn’t believe some of the things she has found! The latest discovery is a small suffragette clock with 'VOTEFORWOMEN' imprinted around the edges, but the image in the centre looks more like an anti-suffragette view of things to come. Magi was so inspired by it that she wrote a poem about the clock. Here’s an excerpt:


Anti-suffragette clock'At first glance such a pretty thing!

A gleaming paperweight, crafted to grace

the master’s desk; a perfect globe, moulded from

solid glass, its clever cogs and wheels designed to operate

with the clockwork efficiency of a masculine mind.


'Inside, weary and woebegone, a night-shirted man

holds two howling bairns, while circling widdershins

–  a she-devil’s work surely?  – N E M O W R O F E T O V

Why, you can almost hear the laughter over brandies and cigars

at the foolishness of those silly suffragettes.'


You can read the poem in full here.


If you would like to stay up date with each of our Readers in Residence, you can catch them regularly on their blogs at: