Bookbug's Adventures: Musselburgh Library

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Over the summer holidays, Musselburgh Library in East Lothian have been running an Under 5s Photo Challenge for little ones and their parents. The library have received lots of fantastic photos of children completing activities on the Play Talk Read 30 Things to Do Before You're 3 list.

Not wanting to miss out on all of the fun, Bookbug decided to get involved too!



Bookbug on the drums!

Get noisy and make your own drum kit with pots and pans.

Bookbug in a den!

Build a secret den - throw a sheet over a table or chairs for a new space to play in! 

Bookbug watering plants!¬

Plant a seed and watch something grow.

Bookbug gets a piggyback!

Climb on an adult for a piggy back / horsey ride.

Bookbug veg patch

Try a new fruit or vegetable in season.

Bookbug library card

Max out your library card.

You can find out more about East Lothian library services on their Facebook page. You can also find lots more '30 things to do' lists on the Play Talk Read website.