Our picks for the Kate Greenaway Medal

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Established in 1955, The Kate Greenaway Medal recognises distinguished illustration in a book for children. The Kate Greenaway and Carnegie Medal winners will be announced later today at a ceremony in the Natural History Museum in London. Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years team have picked their favourite reads from the current shortlist below. 

I Want my Hat cover

Lynsey Rogers picked:
I Want my Hat Back by Jon Klassen

I was charmed by the beautiful, quirky and earthy coloured illustrations in this book. Children will love the humour in the story as a bear tries to find his hat, and I’m sure parents will get the giggles too! Jon Klassen’s brilliant illustrations are the real star of the show; the emotional expressions of the characters are wonderfully drawn and add a real visual depth to the reading experience. I Want my Hat Back is a great example of a deceptively simple book which will appeal to all ages.

Oh No, George cover

Celia Richards picked:
Oh, No George! By Chris Haughton

I think every child, or adult for that matter, can identify with George the dog. Choosing to be good and fight your instincts to be naughty can be hard, especially when there is cake to scoff, dirt to dig and cats to chase. I don’t want to give the ending away, but let us say whether George has learned to be a good dog or not is left in question, allowing you to guess what happens after the last page yourself. The illustrations are bright and bold and expressive – my favourite image is of George’s big soulful eyes.

Again cover

Tracy Lowe picked:
Again! by Emily Gravett

Emily Gravett captures the joy and the challenges of the bed time routine in this the adorable and charming book. This beautifully illustrated book is quite clever. I love the illustrations of Cedric the dragon curled up reading with his parent, and the look of exhaustion on the parent’s face, as they dutifully oblige in yet another reading of the book. With typical Emily Gravett whimsy, the characters are so expressive and endearing. I love the colours, the story told through the bedtime story, and Cedric’s inevitable ‘Again!’.  My favourite part though, is the very clever evidence of the damage of Cedric’s fiery temper as he burns through the back of the book! This is a book that I can’t wait to read again.... and again....

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