Bringing up Bookbug: reflections on the Training Programme

Tracy Lowe
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Four years ago, the Scottish Book Trust Early Years Training programme was born. The possibility of a training programme was exciting. I was enthusiastic, motivated and keen to provide quality training which blended practical and fun elements. Both of these elements would also be blended with best practice rooted in research. As I get ready to hand the training torch over and move on to another challenge, I still feel the same, just a little more like a big kid. Babies grow and so do training programmes. Babies come into the world connected to others and looking for fun and loving experiences to make sense of the world. Training programmes do too – in a sense.

Training programmes are born out of the idea of connecting with delegates in a fun and loving experience. It’s the role of the trainer to motivate delegates and inspire them to see the value in everything they do – even if they think they’re just singing a song, or just reading a story. No just allowed. Those seemingly simple moments of interaction are so complex and beneficial for children—and their grownups. They get them excited about language, engage them with words and books and help develop our sense of self, our learning, our motor skills and most importantly, our relationships. It boosts the confidence of parents and carers to see their children develop, engage and join in with stories, songs and rhymes. It’s about making people feel valued and empowered about the difference their Bookbug Session, their story session or their pirate pack gifting is making to the lives of families. Of course it’s also about giving and sharing new ideas—both from the trainer and the delegates. Everyone has something to contribute.

When I joined Scottish Book Trust, we offered two early years courses: Bookstart Rhymetime Training and Treasure Chest gifting. As we rebranded from Bookstart to Bookbug, we developed these two courses to the current Bookbug Session Leader training and Bookbug Pirate Pack gifting and added new courses to include Bookbug Sessions for the Home, Story Sessions, Health Visitor Pack Gifting, P1 Pack Gifting and a Train the Trainer course.

So, thank you. Thank you for making all those 6 am trains worth it, where I’m often at the station before the coffee shops are even open! Thank you for listening, joining in, and sharing your ideas with me and the rest of the group. I have absorbed so many best practice ideas from you all which I have shared in other training courses. I’ve always said my best ideas come from other delegates – I’m just lucky enough to have had the privilege of standing up and sharing them.

I have no doubt the training programme will continue to grow from strength to strength. And as it does, I feel it only appropriate to acknowledge how much I have enjoyed being a part of it.

But I’m 4 years old now, and the time has come for me to go to school (note—I’m really excited about my Bookbug Primary One Pack). Time for me to hand over the torch and watch as the Early Years Training programme develops even further.

Goodbye everyone, goodbye everyone, hope to see you soon!

Goodbye everyone, goodbye everyone, hope to see you soon!

I, I, I, I, I, Hope to see you soon!

Tracy Lowe

Tracy Lowe is the outgoing Senior Early Years Trainer for Scottish Book Trust. Fancy following in her footsteps? Find out more here