Bookbug's Library Challenge: 5 Top Tips

Bookbug's Library Challenge
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Bookbug’s Library Challenge is a fun, free programme which encourages young children to discover and enjoy their local library from birth. The challenge runs in all libraries across Scotland, and it's a fantastic way to encourage your child to develop a love of reading for life.  

It’s really easy to get involved with the challenge- all you have to do is go along to your local library and sign up! Children will love getting stamps on their special collector’s card each time they visit and there are 10 beautifully illustrated certificates to collect.

5 Top Tips for making the most of your local library:

1. It’s never too early

In Shetland, Bookbug’s Library Challenge has recently been piloted in school nurseries. This has encouraged very young children to take part and borrow books each week. It’s important to remember that it’s never too early to encourage your child to use your local library. Allow them to take their time looking at the books and enjoy the experience- don’t be afraid of making too much mess or noise! If you start early, libraries will become a very comfortable and happy place for your child to be. 

2. Make it part of your routine

Bookbug's Library Challenge

It sounds simple, but by making a trip to the library part of your weekly or fortnightly routine, children will see it as normal practice and they’ll look forward to picking out new books. Financially, it won’t cost you a penny to access a brilliant range of picture books. To make it even more special, have a ‘library bag’ which you only use for your visits and your child can carry home. 


3. Use book lists for inspiration

If you’re struggling to think of which book to borrow on your next library visit, we’ve got lots of brilliant book lists available on our website to help. Our recommendations cover a variety of themes for 0-2 and 3-7 age ranges. The latest lists include Food, Glorious Food! And New Baby. If certain books aren’t immediately available, most libraries operate an ordering service allowing you to request a book from another branch, so you’ll never run out of reading material.

4. Engage with the library staff

Library staff are on hand to make your experience even more enjoyable. Ask for book recommendations and information about special events and Bookbug Sessions where you can meet other families and enjoy stories, songs and rhymes. If your child has a particular interest (or is going through a phase!) ask the staff to recommend books in this area and make the most of the displays on offer. 

5. Make it fun!

Once you’ve started borrowing books and collecting your certificates, you could set little challenges to help make regular library visits even more fun. This blog post from Mama Scout has lots of fantastic ideas, from leaving post-it note reviews in books you enjoyed to finding the biggest book in the library.

We hope you enjoy taking part in Bookbug's Library Challenge!

Find out how to get involved with Bookbug's Library Challenge and Bookbug Sessions in your area by using our Local Libraries contact page.