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Mum and babies enjoy singing together
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The month of March was a very busy month of Bookbug Events. Our Annual Conference was held in Glasgow and the theme was ‘make time for a rhyme’. We wanted delegates to reflect on the importance of sharing a rhyme, but also the rhymes that they loved as a child. If you want to see some great rhymes from the day, take a look at the Twitter hashtag. At a recent Shared Practice meeting, we also reflected on the importance of rhymes to families, and how even just one song or rhyme a day can make a big difference in terms of development, communication and stress levels, impacting the way a family engages with each other. Songs and rhymes build families and relationships, not just literacy.

Songs and rhymes build families and relationships, not just literacy

At the beginning of training sessions, we usually ask delegates to chat to the person next to them about a song, rhyme or story they remember from when they were young. Throughout this activity, you see people smiling and laughing. I’ve seen adults suddenly come to life to share actions and animated gestures with their colleagues and other training delegates they’ve just met as they reflect on songs and rhymes from their childhood.

Stories, songs and rhymes have been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was recently looking through a nursery rhyme book and reading through traditional rhymes. I was surprised at just how many had stuck with me. Even though I hadn’t thought of them in years, as I read the text, I could hear the rhymes in my head and remember saying them with various members of my family when I was young.

Rhymes give us a sense of enjoyment and help us connect with other people. They stick in our heads and are much easier to remember. Our brains also typically prefer rhyming sounds and the experience of sharing a rhyme or a rhyming story with others helps us develop our emotional connections. Positive experiences with songs, rhymes and stories will stick with us our entire life. So no matter how busy you are, Bookbug encourages everyone to take just a minute out of their day and make time for a rhyme!

Head over to our songs, rhymes and stories page and share a rhyme with your little one today.

Do you have a favourite rhyme from childhood? Post it in the comments!

Tracy Cooper

Tracy is Scottish Book Trust's Senior Early Years Trainer.