5 ways to get involved with Bookbug Week 2014

Bookbug Week 2014
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Bookbug Week 2014 is here! There are lots of exciting events happening all across Scotland, including a flagship event at North Inch Park in Perth. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to one of our events - you can still celebrate Bookbug’s Big Sports Day at home.

Here are five ways you can celebrate Bookbug Week 2014:


1. Attend an event

There are lots of exciting events happening across Scotland, including special Bookbug Sessions, Toddler Gymnastics and more! You can find out what’s happening in your area on the events section of our website.

Don’t forget to pick up your song and rhyme booklet from your local library. The booklet is packed with songs and rhymes you can share at any time of the day, all year round. There are some great themed songs and rhymes too, including Five Little Ducks Went Swimming and Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Little ones will love the chance to dance, move and sing along, but you can also use one of the more soothing songs or rhymes to enjoy a cuddle and some quiet time together.

If you can’t make it to an event, it’s easy to hold your own mini Bookbug session at home! Sing and dance along to our songs and rhymes and share a sports-themed story together. 

2. Play some sporty games

You don’t need fancy sports equipment to have some fun. Here are a few ideas you could try with your little ones at home:

  • Dress up race – pick up hat, sunglasses, bag…
  • Pram push – toddlers can pick up dolls, teddies etc on the way too.
  • Obstacle course
  • Throw a bean bag in hoop or bucket
  • Teddy toss – how far can you throw your teddy or how far can they jump?
  • Toddler circuits – try different activities e.g. jumping, hopping, skipping, big march etc for 20 seconds, or move round to different spots to do each activity.
  • Baby Yoga
  • Baby ‘Sports’ Massage
  • Baby Gymnastics
  • Cross country crawl – lay out blankets with different textures to create a multi-terrain course.
  • Buggy Walk

3. Read some sporty books

Get on your feet and encourage your little ones to move their way through the story!

Our new sports-themed book lists will help you get involved with the spirit of Bookbug’s Big Sports Day! Grab a book from your bookshelves or head down to your local library and find an exciting new read to share with your little ones. Don’t forget to ask the library staff for any other book recommendations.

The lists include active books for babies, stories of active animals and books about sports day. And don’t forget to make your stories active too - get on your feet and encourage your little ones to move their way through the story! 

4. Download our activities

We’ve got lots of fun Bookbug Week 2014 activities for you to download and enjoy. Bring out some crayons and enjoy some colouring in, or if you do hold your own mini sports day at home, make sure you have medals to hand out!

5. Read our blogs

We’ve highlighted some of the many fantastic events happening during Bookbug Week. Even if you can’t make it, why not share this blog with a friend? Look out for a special Bookbug Week Q&A with Cate James, illustrator of our beautiful new Song and Rhyme booklet, who will be answering questions about her work.  

We hope you enjoy Bookbug Week 2014, whether you celebrate at home or at one of the  many events happening across Scotland.

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