Bookbug's Book of the Month: Whit The Clockleddy Heard by Julia Donaldson

Written by Julia Donaldson, Illustrated by Lydia Monks. Translated into Scots by James Robertson.

Itchy Coo ISBN: 9781845029579

Shug the Pudge and Lang-leggit Len hae a plan, but they dinnae ken aboot the gleg wee clockleddy!

Shug the Pudge (Hefty Hugh) and Lang Leggit  (Lanky Len) think they have a cunning plan to steal the farmers ‘braw prize coo’, but they dinnae ken aboot the gleg wee bug, the clockleddy! Who’d have thought a ladybird, with the help of her farmyard friends, could foil their plan, wake the farmer and save the cow? 

Everyone will enjoy the feast of words in this fantastic Itchy Coo translation by James Robertson of Julia Donaldson’s What the Ladybird Heard.

If you think you dinnae ken Scots, then don’t worry – the pictures are your guide and help you match sounds to animals and the slapstick to twa not-so-clever thieves who end up sposh! in the deuk’s dub (duck’s pond). Scots-speaking children will certainly have a ‘farmyaird of fun’ hearing familiar words tell a comic tale and everyone can enjoy making all kinds of animal noises.  


'I want to hear someone read it out loud!' tweeted the book’s illustrator Lydia Monks.  Me too! My own Scots is sadly lacking - but that doesn’t stop me delighting in the evocative animal sounds and enjoying learning their Scots names when I read this book aloud. I’ve entertained (and puzzled) my children (who read Scots much better than me) with my interpretations of Itchy Coo books in the past and I’ve learnt a lot of new words on the way. Whit The Clockleddy Heard has fantastic new words for the novice Scots speaker to learn. So the next time I’m outraged or surprised I’m going to cry: “Crivvens!” and “Losh!” just like the fermer.

Sarah Burton Early Years  Programme Development Manager (maternity cover)



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