5 Ways To Celebrate Book Week Scotland 2015

Family reading to baby outside a tepee
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Today (Monday 23 November) marks the start of Book Week Scotland, a week-long celebration of books and reading. Whether you live in the Scottish Borders or the Scottish Highlands, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved - here are 5 ways for you to celebrate BWS with the little ones in your life:


Take a Journey

The theme of BWS this year is Journeys and Transformation. There are not many children who don't love to be taken on a journey, whether it's a bus ride to the local shops, or a walk from the house to the park. Why not think of ways to bring your journeys to life with books this week? Take a book out and about with you to read on the bus or in the buggy, or simply make up your own stories along the way about the places you visit and the people you meet. For some ideas of journey-themed books, you can also check out our special BWS book list.


Attend an Event (or Host One Yourself!)

Hundreds of events are taking place in libraries, schools and community venues across the country this week. Many are free, including special, themed Bookbug sessions for children and their parents and carers. Find out about great events for kids (and grown ups!) in your local area at: http://bit.ly/BWS2015-Events. If you can’t find anything that works for you, you can still join in on-line with our How Much Could You Read Instead Test, #thankbooks or Quote Vote. You could also set up your own mini event – invite some of your friends and little ones round for a reading party or book swapping session!

As we like to say, 'a trained librarian is a powerful search engine with a heart'


Visit Your Library

No one loves books as much as your local librarian. You could make a special trip to the library this week to look for some books by your wee one's favourite author. Or ask your librarian to recommend some of their favourites – as we like to say, 'a trained librarian is a powerful search engine with a heart'. Why not sign up for Bookbug's Library Challenge whilst you're there (if you haven't done so already) and start a longer-term relationship with your local library and librarians.


Create a Reading Space

We're encouraging everyone to find their own reading spaces as a way of celebrating BWS. Reading to children can take place anywhere and at any time, not just at bedtime (although this is often a favourite for little ones!). Why not have a go at building a ‘reading den’ together – gather up some blankets and cushions from around the house and bury yourselves with some of your favourite picture books? Or perhaps your favourite reading space is cuddled up together on the sofa. Either way, we will be running a ‘Reading Spaces’ competition on the Bookbug Facebook page all week – take a snap of your little ones in their favourite reading space and send it over to us for your chance to win a beautiful book trolley, a bundle of books and a Bookbug doll.


Get Crafty

Children love to see their favourite stories brought to life in fresh and exciting ways. Why not create some art and craft activities based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar or decorate empty kitchen rolls to make telescopes like Timothy Popes in Nick Sharratt’s picture book, Shark In The Park? If you have time, you could create a simple finger puppet show based on your child’s favourite story, or collect items from that story to make a storytelling basket. There are plenty more ideas to keep you and your little ones busy on websites like Play Talk Read, Play Scotland and The Imagination Tree.

However you decide to celebrate BWS this year, remember that it’s all about having fun and sharing a special moment with your little one. Happy Reading!