New and Exclusive: Bookbug Videos

We’re delighted to announce that you can now watch families sharing the books from this year’s Bookbug Baby Bag, Toddler Bag, and Explorer Bag.

There is a great selection of books in each of the bags, and these lovely Bookbug Bag videos will give you plenty of ideas on how you can adapt and share the books with your little ones.

Every family shares books differently. It’s important to remember that there's no right or wrong way to share a book - the most important thing is to adapt reading to suit you and your family. Relax, have fun and enjoy the books.

Each of the videos has a short commentary underneath, providing useful hints and tips for sharing each of the individual titles. Watch the videos closely, and you’ll notice lots of shared eye contact, moments of family bonding, and excitement and delight in the books.

We hope you love the books as much as we do!

In addition to the Bookbug Bag videos, we have a new selection of films for parents, carers, and practitioners on our Ideas from Early Years Experts pages.

Filmed at our recent Bookbug Annual Conference, these cover a range of current issues impacting on children in the early years - from how poverty can impact on children's education, to practical tips on how to engage children in Scots. Look out for Douglas Guest's thought-provoking film about the importace of dads and father figures in the early years, and a fascinating insight into the research behind 'baby-talk' words from Wee Science at the University of Edinburgh.

Bramble and Paul
Over the past few months, we have also updated our Songs and Rhymes pages with downloadable tracks from the new Toddler CD, as well as video footage of families singing some of the songs and rhymes from the CD. As with the new Bookbug Bag videos, there is a short commentary (and lyrics) beneath each video, providing further advice and support to parents on sharing songs and rhymes.

Our Bookbug webpages are updated with new and exciting content every week. 

Next week is our annual Bookbug Week celebration (16 - 22 May), so look out for a bumper week of Bookbug blogs from the Early Years team, as well as Bookbug Bag authors and other partner organisations.