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Each year, a panel made up of families and Early Years experts from libraries, education, health, Scottish Government, foster care and third sector organisations get together to select the nine books to go into the Bookbug Bags. To celebrate the launch of the 2017-18 Bookbug Bags, here is a wee summary of the super new titles available this year.


Bookbug Baby Bag

(Gifted by Health Visitors in your baby’s first year)

It's a Little Baby cover

It’s a Little Baby

by Julia Donaldson & Rebecca Cobb

Publisher: Macmillan

The five little babies in this book show you what they can do, such as pointing, waving and clapping, and various other actions. This is a lovely book with large flaps to make it easy for wee hands to have a go. It is a great book for sharing and there is a lot to keep children engaged. This book was a firm favourite with everyone, the panel loved the rhyme and repetition and the actions for parents to do with their baby. 

This Little Baby cover

This Little Baby

by Sandra Lousada

Publisher: Macmillan

This high-contrast, black-and-white book pairs a simple rhyme with photos of babies from different backgrounds showing various emotions. It was popular with both babies and adults on the panel, as the babies enjoyed seeing other babies and they loved the mirror at the end!

Very First Nursery Rhymes cover

Usborne’s Very First Nursery Rhymes

by Rosalinde Bonnet

Publisher: Usborne

We got a really good response from parents when they tested this book and they found it easy to read with bright and colourful illustrations. There isn’t too much text as only the first verse from each rhyme is present. The panel found that it was often hard to find good-quality rhyme books, and this would be a great addition to the bags.


Bookbug Toddler Bag

(gifted by your Heath Visitor when your child is aged between 1 and 2)

Dinosaur Roar cover

Dinosaur Roar!

by Paul Stickland & Henrietta Stickland

Publisher: Macmillan

This bright and colourful book uses bold illustrations and rhymes to describe lots of different dinosaurs. It was a clear winner with wee ones, who asked for it again and again! Parents found the rhyme easy to remember and recite and thought the use of opposites was clear and engaging.

Goodnight Like This cover

Goodnight Like This

by Mary Murphy

Publisher: Walker Books

This is the perfect bedtime read. The calming colours make it feel like a bedtime story, and half-page flaps are used to cleverly tell the story. The book also uses language creatively to describe the little ones as they settle down for the night, and with great words such as ‘snorey’ and ‘twitchy,’ it was a firm favourite with the panel.

Who's That cover

Who’s That?

by Rod Campbell

Publisher: Macmillan

This is the first non-fiction book in the bags! The panel really liked having photos of animals as opposed to illustrations, so it was clear what each animal was. This is a great reference guide, and children can take it out and about and use it to spot animals. This book is one children can go back to again and again and, hopefully, grow up with. 


Bookbug Explorer Bag

(Gifted at nursery when your child is 3)

The Bus is for Us cover

The Bus is For Us!

by Michael Rosen & Gillian Tyler

Publisher: Walker Books

Children love things that move, and this book is celebration of all kinds of transport, making it perfect for our explorer theme. It has great rhyme and rhythm, and the playful language is fun to read out loud. The illustrations are also beautiful and full of imagination. Riding on the bus is something most children can relate to and an experience they can share with each other.

The Something cover

The Something

by Rebecca Cobb

Publisher: Macmillan

When a little boy finds a hole in his back garden, there is no end of possibilities as to what could be down there. The Something shows the power of imagination and how much fun can be had with a simple, real-life experience. The panel loved the fact that it is based on a tangible, open-ended experience and there are lots of things to talk about. This could be any hole in the ground, so children can explore this idea in real life.

The Crocodile Who Didn't Like Water cover

The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water

by Gemma Merino

Publisher: Macmillan

A lovely book for children of all ages. This little crocodile isn’t quite the same as his brothers and sisters, but he doesn’t know why. The story shows that it is ok to be different. We had a great reaction when reading it to children and found there were many themes up for discussion – most notably, overcoming fear.


Find out more about what’s in each of the Bookbug Bags, as well as information about how to get one, on our Bookbug Bag webpages.


Please note: these are the 2017-18 bags. Some local authorities will still be distributing 2016-17 bags, which contain different books. All Bookbug Bags contain high-quality, age-appropriate books and resources for families to enjoy.