Welcome to Bookbug's Song and Rhyme Library!

It's Bookbug Week, and we’re really excited to launch Bookbug’s Song and Rhyme Library! Families, Bookbug Session leaders, and Early Years practitioners all told us that they can’t always remember the tune, words or actions to songs. We thought short videos would be a great support to everyone who enjoyed singing with children, so with the help of families and nursery groups across Scotland, the Song and Rhyme Library was created. 

Why use the Song and Rhyme Library?

We hope these videos help you:

  • Learn a new song or rhyme or remember a forgotten favourite.
  • Give you new ideas about how you can adapt songs and rhymes to suit children of different ages.
  • Inspire you to spend more time singing and rhyming.

How to use the Library

You can search for videos using key words from the song or rhyme, themes, or elements such as actions, tickling and face to face. There’s even a ‘surprise me’ button if you just want to try something new!

You may want to watch the video a few times to learn the words, tune or actions. For each video, there are suggestions on how you could adapt the song or rhyme and the actions and movements depending on the children’s age. These ideas are just meant to get you started, so be creative, have fun and do what works for you.

Most importantly: relax and give singing and rhyming a go!

This page includes lots of tips for using the Library, and you can download a copy of the information to use offline. The main message though is just to relax and give it a go! Singing and joining in with music helps children develop key skills which will support their development including: literacy, numeracy, motor skills, vocabulary, and social skills. Most importantly, children love joining in with songs and rhymes because it's fun!

We’re really excited about this new resource and hope that families and practitioners find it helpful and inspiring. We’d love to hear your feedback. This is just the beginning- we’ll keep adding to the Library, so keep an eye out for more songs and rhymes and send us your suggestions.

Visit the Song and Rhyme Library now!

We hope you have a fun, song and rhyme filled Bookbug Week!