Spotlight On: Bookbug Toddler Bag

There’s nothing better than a bundle of treats to look forward to, and for a bookish Scottish family like us, each time the bairns approach a birthday I get super excited about their new Bookbug bag! I’m not kidding when I say that I asked the Health Visitor immediately after both children were born when we would get our Bookbug bags and both were under eight days old when they got their library cards.  

And it’s that time again when both my children have Bookbug birthdays – BookBairn (my daughter) has just turned three so she will get her Bookbug Explorer Bag soon and The Wee Page Turner (her baby brother) is almost one and will be getting his Bookbug Toddler Bag soon. But when Bookbug asked us to review their newest Bookbug Toddler Bag early, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity to cut our waiting days short!

So what is so exciting about a Bookbug Bag?

The Books

Maisy's Bus cover
Three perfectly selected and age-appropriate books: How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur by Jane Clarke and Georgie Birkett, Flip and Find: Farmers by Samantha Meredith, and Maisy’s Bus by Lucy Cousins. The latter is definitely The Wee Page Turner’s favourite of the three. He loves the bright and high contrast colours, the familiar characters from the other Maisy books we’ve borrowed from our library, and the simple cheerful text. He even laughs at my exasperated tones when Eddie the elephant tries to squeeze on to the bus. And it’s a lovely dinky book that he can easily explore by himself (and perfect size for your changing bag).

Flip and Find: Farmers cover
Flip and Find: Farmers is a colourful look at farm life starring lots of lovely creatures hidden under giant flaps that little hands will love exploring! And How to Bath Your Little Dinosaur is a delightful rhyming story about bath time which is perfect for little ones as they can relate to the red dinosaur happily splish splash sploshing away in the bath. All three books are great fun to read together with your little one.

The CD

I’ll be honest, the bairns love this a lot more than I do! We listen to the familiar rhymes, songs and lullabies in the car with their favourites on repeat. It keeps them happy on long car journeys and BookBairn can now sing along to lots of the songs. There are so many benefits to listening to songs and rhymes for your child’s language development that make listening to The Wheels on the Bus or Humpty Dumpty on repeat worthwhile!

Other Goodies

The books in this bag are aimed at 1-2 year olds, but the goodies are just as fun for three-year-old BookBairn, who practically tore through the box of crayons to get them out. You also get a drawing pad and height chart that she duly decorated with her doodles! The Wee Page Turner had a go with the crayons too - he tries to eat everything so it wasn’t long before they were in his mouth!

And don’t forget the bag!

It would be easy to forget that the bag itself is a great goodie too! We use it to transport sleeping bags, spare clothes and lunchboxes to nursery; and our previous bag hangs up awaiting library visits. (It’s a great way to keep your library books from creeping onto, and getting lost on, your own bookshelves.)

We love all the goodies and hotly anticipate our next bag! See you for a library story and song session too.


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Kim Duffy

Kim lives in Scotland with her daughter, nicknamed BookBairn, son, nicknamed The Wee Page Turner, husband and much-adored pet rabbit. She has always enjoyed reading books, a passion inherited from her librarian-mother, and hopes to pass on this love of books to her little bookbairns. A teacher on career-break to spend more time with the bairns, she is passionate about baby-led reading where little ones have free to reign to choose what they read and make mountains of book mess throughout the house.