Spotlight On: Peekaboo! in the Jungle

Spotlight On gives you the chance to learn more about the wonderful picture books included in this year's Bookbug bags for babies, toddlers and explorers. This month, we're delighted to turn the spotlight on Peekaboo! in the Jungle - a colourful board book currently included in our Bookbug Baby BagPeekaboo! in the Jungle is a collaboration between publisher Child's Play and Cocoretto, a South American-based illustration team. We spoke to Cocoretto about their inspiration and creative process.


What can you tell us about yourselves?

We are a couple and a team! We come from different backgrounds: fine arts, graphic design, and photography. We like to think about it not only as where we come from, but also as part of where we're going to. We're glad to know that these backgrounds of ours always find the way to be present in our illustration work!


Can you share some of your creative process with us?

Everything starts with a manuscript. The first thing we do is to read it very carefully several times before doing anything else. Our main goal is to look behind the scenes, to look for what's hiding on every manuscript and bring it to life to be able to add something more to an already wonderful manuscript. Something that hopefully could amaze our readers!

Boy playing Peekaboo


What inspires your books for children?

We always say that our inspiration comes from childhood memories most definitely! The fantastic, the unique and the absurd from every aspect of our childhood is always present in our work and we like to think that there's nothing that could be more nurturing for us when doing our art than that. Fun is also always there, what can be more fun than doodling?


What do you hope children will take away from your books?

Seeing our little readers interacting with our books never ceases to amaze us! It's incredible how they engage with the books and even more incredible what they see on them, things we adults don't even see most of the time. These are some of the reasons why we find working in this field completely rewarding.


Tell us a little about Peekaboo! in the Jungle 

It was a lovely experience to work on this book! Working with brilliant colours, crazy animals and funny flaps was a really fun time for us and for the little ones!

Parrot from Peekaboo in the Jungle


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