Bookbug Book of the Month: What Does the Crocodile Say?

Mummy crocodile and baby crocodile
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What Does the Crocodile Say? by Eva Montanari

ISBN: 9781911496113


The first day of nursery is hard for everyone, even for a crocodile. And on top of this, there are so many sounds and noises to be heard! How does little Crocodile deal with it all? Follow him as he journeys through the sounds he encounters, and tries to make it through to the end of the day, when he will be reunited with his mum again.


'From the ‘Dringg Dringg’ of the alarm clock, to the ‘Mwah Mwah’ of Little Crocodile’s kisses for Mummy at pick-up time, every moment is expressed through simple sounds. Some will be familiar to children, but there are also less obvious noises that will surprise readers as they turn the page. It’s a book that plays with language in a fun way, lending itself perfectly to being read aloud in a group with lots of actions, or equally read calmly at bedtime as little ones think about their own day ahead at nursery.

More than anything, this book offers reassurance; nursery is a place for stories and music, playtime and snacks with friends. And at the end of the day, the door will knock and Mummy (or Daddy, Granny or Grandad) is always there to scoop you up and take you home.'

- Lindsay Quayle, Early Years Online Content Coordinator


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Q: What is little crocodile feeling nervous about?