Art and writing come together at Bowmore

James Mayhew's Authors Live event is guaranteed to entertain your pupils. But what to do after you've watched it? Have a look at what pupils in Bowmore Primary were inspired to create! 

4 and 5 year olds at Bowmore Primary School were so engrossed in James Mayhew’s stories and his ability to draw upside-down they had to give it a try for themselves. Amid lots of fun, laughter and some falling over, they were inspired to become writers.

The hilarity in our classroom captured the imagination of our emergent writers and having shared and enjoyed Katie in Scotland, we set out to write a book called Katie Visits Islay.

Each P1 and P2 pupil created their Katie in a painting exercise followed by a design of their setting.

This helped us to go ahead and create the book. From this stimulus, each page was completed by a pupil, who wrote about what they did with Katie when she visited them. Katie took part in a wide range of activities: football, Highland dancing, paddling and a jaunt to the local swing park! 

By being supported and guided in their learning, and in developing new skills, some very young children achieved great things, and enjoyed the praise and confidence that followed.  

You can have a look below at one group's picture book to see what Katie got up to when she came to visit them!

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Have a look at one picture book from a group of pupils

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