Education roundup: May


Lesson idea of the month

Thanks to Angela Verity of Kaimes school in Edinburgh for this one. On a Monday morning Angela asks her class to choose a story that interests them on the Daily What website and discuss it. A great example of CFE in action, and something which can lead to authentic classroom discussion.

Stimulating genuine discussion in the classroom can be challenging. All sorts of academic papers have been published on the subject, but we want to hear how you do it in your classroom - comments below please!


Online resources of the month

Create your own Google map - a video tutorial is available here! This is a great idea if you're doing work around a particular location and want your pupils to find out more about it. They can put placemarkers  in their maps with information about locations for other pupils to find - great for collaborative learning.


Create a class reading blog

Using GLOW Blogs, you can easily create a blog for your class to comment on their personal reading - here's a great example! There is a guide to using GLOW blogs which will give you more help.

Thanks to Kenny Pieper of Duncanrigg High School (@kennypieper on Twitter), who also writes a great reflective blog about teaching practice - check out his Twitter profile for more details!


Free CPD from Scottish Poetry Library

The Scottish Poetry Library are offering educators the chance to come along and learn about Gladstone's Land and the learning opportunities offered by this historic property. 

Gladstone's Land is a fully restored 17th century house and shop in Edinburgh's Lawnmarket. In this CPD session, poet Ken Cockburn and SPL staff will guide you through the delivery of an exciting cross-curricular experience through poetry. Click here to download full event details. The event is on 24 May so you need to be quick!