Announcing the SCBA book trailer competition

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that teachers and pupils love making book trailers. In our experience, anyway. What’s not to like? Creating trailers are a great way to get pupils using lots of different skills across the curriculum, they can hook in reluctant readers, they’re a fantastic creative response to reading and above all they’re fun to make.

We’re inviting pupils across Scotland to make a book trailer for one of the 9 books shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards, with £250 of Waterstones vouchers to the winners. You can use our fantastic range of learning resources, including tutorial videos and a full unit of work, to take you through the process.

To celebrate the competition launch, we thought we’d give you a look at some different styles of trailer, to show the scope of creativity offered by such a project.

Trailer for The Seeing by Diana Hendry

One of the things pupils find most challenging about trailers is knowing how much of the plot to reveal. Just like a critical essay, you’re not re-telling the story – keeping purpose and audience in mind, you’re really just trying to intrigue the audience while giving an accurate impression of the book’s atmosphere. Just take a look at this excellent trailer for The Seeing, by Christina Gordon and Sarah Faulkner from Craigmount High School: do we find out anything about the plot of the book? Does it even matter? We think not!


Trailer for Shoot to Kill by Steve Cole

Much-loved author Steve Cole will be releasing his first Young Bond book very soon, and this is the official trailer for the book. You can see that this trailer goes in a very different direction from the one above. What do you think works best?


Trailer for The Book of Doom by Barry Hutchison

This cracking effort was the winner of last year’s competition, and you can see it’s a completely different kettle of fish from the other two, focusing much more on characters as the main draw for an audience. This one is from Ryan, Keiran, Johnathan, Dillon, Ross, Carla and Luke at Kincorth Academy.


Whatever direction your pupils decide to go in, we can’t wait to see their entries. The competition closes on February 6, and you’ll find everything you need to enter through the main competition page. Best of luck!