Cassandra: Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz!

Category: Reading

Since Glister is a book that defies genres and generalisations, it was pretty difficult to decide what kind of quiz to have in its honour this month, but since December is a month for games, quizzes, puzzles, reading and movies, our volunteer (and resident sci-fi expert) Cassandra came up with this excellent sci-fi quiz, which will present a challenge to even people who think they know loads about the genre!

Cassandra is so good at quizzes that we've been wondering if we should give her a regular column, called 'Cassandra's Confounding Conundrums' or something...

So if you are game for a challenge, take the quiz, with the added dimension of difficulty that you only have 15 minutes to complete it! (Limited googling time for all you cheaters!) 

Click here to test your sci-fi mettle!