Cassandra: Six Degrees of the Goon Squad

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So far for Book Talk’s featured books I’ve created two related quizzes and asked about your feelings about ambiguous endings.  I recently finished January’s book, A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, and decided that I needed to do something a bit different.

You see this book is a book that is not a book and short stories that aren’t traditional short stories. 

It moves back and forth in time, stopping to look at moments from the lives of people who are somehow connected, even if it’s by a very tenuous thread.  Don’t worry, though, if you haven’t read the book yet as you can still participate in the task I have in mind.

Have you ever played an on-line game called the six degrees of Kevin Bacon?  It’s based on the idea that actors and actresses are all connected in one way or another, even if they just worked on a film with someone who was in a film with someone else.  For that game you type in the name of two actors or actresses and find out how they are connected.  In this game – which is really more of a creative exercise – I am going to give you a list of people, some of them with careers or behaviours already assigned to them.  Make your own Goon Squad type story by connecting everyone.  You can move back and forth in time, be serious, be absurd, and create as many different scenarios as you want. 

Lulu Strader:Kleptomaniac

Declan Jeffries:Music producer

Maria Torres

Joshua Clark

Michael Healy:Plays a bass guitar

Ruth Wilson: Collects music records from World War II.

Below is my attempt at connecting everyone.  Take a look then have fun coming up with your own.

When Lulu Strader was 16 she stole a necklace from a shop called Handmade Treasures, which was started by Inez Vega, who once had an indiscretion with a man named Lucas Torres, who has a granddaughter called Maria, who once had a childhood crush on a boy named Joshua Clark, who grew up to become the assistant producer at Loose Screw Records, which is run by Declan Jeffries, who once played in a band with Michael Healy, whose father’s interest in Vera Lynn music once led him to a little record shop where he met a woman named Ruth Wilson.