Visualising Place: Graphic Fiction Workshop Roundup

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On Tuesday 17th July, our community volunteer, Ariadne-Cass Maran, hosted a drop-in workshop for people interested in creating graphic fiction about their favourite places, at Looking Glass Books, Edinburgh. We caught up with Ariadne to see how it went:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of running a comic making workshop for My Favourite Place. It was a small but lovely group.

We discovered that there’s an important connection between the physical landscape and the personal. Sometimes a favourite place is only that because it holds a dear memory, or an emotion which is too subtle to capture with a single word. A favourite place sometimes needs a story wrapped around it like a nest, so it can be held.

So the comics we saw yesterday weren’t just pictures of pretty places. Some of them contained beautiful melancholy, and were about people or places lost.

Best of all were the surprises from each person. We carry extraordinary landscapes with us all the time. I felt privileged to be given access to some wonderful places, and some wickedly funny stories.

Getting the stories and pictures down on paper was the fun part, and we were all covered in colour by the end of the session. I learned a little more about the power of comics to tell a story, and how much fun it is to create one.