Book Magpie: Best of the Web, 16 August 2013

Ron Burgundy
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With some leaves turning brown in the ol' tree, Book Magpie was mourning summer's passing this week. That was until I read about Book Week Scotland’s Big Book Bash. Now I can’t wait for the week commencing 25 November. Bring on the 5hrs of daylight and persistently damp nest because Book Magpie’s going to be throwing a book par-tay!

"Your Big Book Bash can be anything you want it to be” it says here on Scottish Book Trust. Book Magpie imagines scenes like those from a latter day rap video, with champange, plenty of lady magpies but none of the jarring misogyny. Ideas, ideas, ideas. Perhaps we can all write birdsongs based on our favourite authors and enjoy a classy music-cum-literature soiree. Songs along the lines of this tribute to Charles Dickens in the style of The Smiths.

Book Magpie wants to Big Book Bash hard but one’s nest is one's castle - and I don’t want to mess up the joint too much. I'll need to pencil in some time to read Ron Burgundy’s upcoming memoir on how to "stay classy".

My party vision is coming to me. I see book art on my walls in the style of these melancholic images of discarded library books; an ironic hipster buffet taking the bunker in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road as its inspiration – The Road is, after all, food porn according to Food Riot; and, perhaps, I'll scatter some carefully chosen books around the joint (from this Flavorwire list of 50 lesser known novels by authors you already love) as conversational pick-me-ups.

Don't get me wrong, Book Magpie isn’t the sort to strategically place books and CDs around one’s nest to impress a date…OK maybe I am, but one has been single for quite some give me a break.

The question is, should Book Magpie's literary detrital trail o’ love include erotica? Erotica seems to be the new black with 50 Shades author E.L.James topping this list of 2013’s top earning authors - Book Magpie also noted these photographic portraits of female erotica writers on HufPost Books. However, one can’t shake the doubt from one's well-developed brain that, upon seeing my saucy books, my potential beloveds would pull faces like the younglings in this 22 Words gallery of toddlers tasting lemons for the first time

Regardless, Book Magpie’s idea of romance is more akin to this heart-swelling-till-it-pops-right-in-your-chest video of why childhood literacy is a beautiful thing [video, 1:02]  (below too).

I'll psyche my romantic self out if I continue worrying about finding love at my Bash, for the next four months, so back to party planning. I need to fly the line between throwing a great party and not getting all Gatsby up in my crib. According to this infographic on, big Jay Gatsby was broke and there’s only so much bling one Magpie can “accumulate” to fund this bash.

With some good planning, I'm sure I can detach myself from the Gatsby narrative so my Big Book Bash won't bankrupt me, will bring love to my nest and won’t see me floating face down, dead in a bird bath at the end.


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