Five Christmas Presents for the Bookworm in Your Life

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So there’s a bookworm in your life, and once again, it’s that time of year where you have to sit and agonise over what to get them for Christmas.  After year on year of getting them book tokens, you’ve decided to up the ante and get something that shows you really know them.
Well, look no further, because we are here to help. As an office of out-and-proud bookworms, we have compiled a handy list of items any book-mad person would be delighted to get their paws on!

Something from Out of Print Clothing

Out Of Print clothing is one of the best websites on the internet for your book-loving pals. They print t shirts, sweaters, tote bags and more with classic book covers, from The Feminine Mystique to Wuthering Heights to The Very Hungry Caterpillar. If there’s a classic book you love, chances are they have it on here.  The covers are all gorgeous editions too, so they look really nice. Last year, I splashed out and got myself the 1984 jumper, and it is the warmest and cosiest jumper I own! See the full range at Out of Print Clothing.



A book holder-upper for the bath

If you are really wanting to splash out (ahem), why not invest in this frankly amazing book stand for your bath? This is perfect for anyone who enjoyes reading in the bath, but doesn't like the risk factor involved! No more soggy pages or damp spines, and it even comes with a little space to put a wine glass in. Lovely. Buy it here!


This really excellent mug

If the booklover in your life is also a pedant, then this mug will definitely be their cup of tea (I can’t stop. I am so sorry)! One of a range of six, you can go for a single mug as a nice wee gift or buy a whole set for an extra special gift. Buy the 'Grammar Grumbles' mug here.



A sassy shirt

If your booklover likes a laugh, one of these funny book-related shirts from Look Human will really suit them. My personal favourite is this vest – perfect for anyone who is a fan of The Great Gatsby - but they have a whole range of funny book shirts that cover all your bases. See the full range of book related shirts here.



A disguise for a Kindle

Many book lovers are now turning to the Kindle as an alternative to carting around huge piles of books, but for some, a Kindle just can't beat the smell and feel or a real live book. Klever Case make beautiful custom leather cases for Kindles that let you feel like you are still reading a book. Perfect for any book lovers who need to cushion the transition from reading in analog to digital. Buy a case here.

So there you have it – five festive gift ideas for your favourite bookworms! If you are totally stuck for ideas, you can always get book tokens – We love them!

Have you seen any great book-related gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

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