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In Haig's latest novel for adults The Humans, the main character, an alien learning what it is to be human and a father, leaves a list for his son on what it is to be human. It's resonated with Haig's readers with fans of the book posting videos of themselves reading their favourite quote from Haig's list. 

In fact, Matt Haig's a prolific writer of lists. He's really good at it. So much so, we felt compelled to set off around the internet with our virtual clipboard to compile this list of Matt Haig's 5 best lists.

The Humans was also in a list recently as a World Book Night book. If you've read it, received it or want to learn more about it, listen to Book Talk for a wide-ranging discussion of the novel.



Matt Haig's 5 best lists


1. 30 things to tell a grammar snob

Have you ever been pulled over and dressed down by the grammar police? Matt Haig's list is the perfect remedy for any residual shame you've felt since being patted down. It contains sound advice for those who love writing yet struggle with grammar, and anyone who plain doesn't like pedantry.  

2. 30 things that every writer should know

Ten years after first being published, Matt Haig reflects on thirty lessons he's learned about writing, being a writer and publishing. This list is a great dump of wisdom for aspiring writers and contains fantastic pearls of easily-digestible wisdom such as: "There is no modernist stream-of-consciousness novel harder to get through than a 'Publisher-Author Agreement'."

3. 10 reasons to stay alive

Matt Haig writes beautifully about depression and mental health issues. In this list, he is candid about his own struggle with depression and a moment in Ibiza, as a 24-year-old, when he contemplated suicide from a clifftop.

4. 30 things to tell a book snob

Some of us came to reading late. Some of us had the opposite of an inspirational English teacher or department. Some of us didn't grow up in a houseful of books. Yet, some of us are book snobs and the the make the other 'some of us' feel bad about our literary shortcomings. This list is one of Matt Haig's most popular and it's a comforting read for anyone who's ever been made to feel inadequate for their 'well-readness'. Number 22: "Never make someone feel bad for not having read or not read something. Books are there to heal, not hurt."

5. 10 writing rules to break 

If writing advice can sometimes make you feel disenfranchised about your own writing abilities, Matt Haig has dissolved these obstacles with 10 ways to break the rules and still write well. Writers and editors might disagree with some of the points here but it widens out the conversation about dos and dont's.


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